The goal of the Get Richer site is to help its readers get richer – than your friends, neighbours, co-workers or even yourself compared to your earlier years. It might seem too selfish, but its in the human nature to strive to be better than others.

Most of the people when trying to become rich, try to earn more through the salary from their job. But that isn’t good enough, because almost all the rich guys didn’t become rich from just their salary. They knew how to handle their finances well, saved for their future goals, invested in the right assets at the right time.

You will learn about all these things here at Get Richer and more. I will be writing articles on handling your money and how to grow your money – much faster than your competition.

You might be a salaried guy, having your own business, a professional, single/married, having kids. Whatever your present situation is, I will teach you to fix your financial goals and how to reach them too.

About Me

I am Srini and I know a few things on handling my money – learnt a few from my parents and a lot from books and the web. Though a computers/technology person by training, I read a lot about investing and finances and have also successfully applied most of the things I learnt.

I hope to give you all this knowledge in an easy to understand way and thereby helping you to lead a better and richer life.

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  1. Not sure, i m able to see only limited stuffs.. Can you guide the way in your site where i can find your other articles and its related blogs where we can get more lights ? Thanks ..

  2. When you goto the home page http://getricher.in all articles automatically comes up as you keep scrolling.
    If that doesn’t work for some reason and you are not able to see any page numbers at the bottom, you can check out the links under “Archives” or “categories” at the right.

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